LDGA Bag Tag
All LDGA members are eligible to participate in the LDGA
Bag Tag Challenge.  After obtaining a current
Membership, players will be assigned the lowest number
of the unassigned Bag Tags.
Bag Tag Challenge Rules
  1. This is about having fun and camaraderie, as well as, a sense
    of competition among the local golfers. The purpose of the
    Bag Tag is to add another element to personal, league, and
    tournament rounds of disc golf.
  2. Your goal is to have the lowest numbered Bag Tag possible.
    When players participate in Bag Tag challenges, the player
    with the lowest round score earns the lowest numbered Bag
    Tag among the challengers. Bag Tags must be exchanged
    immediately following the round.
  3. In the event of a tie, Players retain original tags unless other
    options were agreed upon prior to the start of the round by all
    players. (i.e., ties can be broken in a sudden death format if
    participating players have agreed upon this prior to the round
  4. Players must display Bag Tags on the outside of their bag at
    all times. This is done not only for challenges but for
    advertising of the club as well.
  5. If you are found to be purposely concealing a Bag Tag with a
    low number, or that you appear to be refusing to carry your
    Bag Tag to avoid challenges, you will be asked to surrender
    your Bag Tag and assigned the highest Bag Tag .
  6. You may only challenge those with a LDGA Bag Tag; no other
    Bag Tags are eligible to participate in challenges. You must
    have your Bag Tag with you to challenge or accept challenges.
  7. Challenges MUST be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of
    EACH round.
  8. Challenges may be made in person, by telephone or e-mail.
    The player receiving the challenge can choose the course to be
    played. If the challenger cannot agree to a reasonable time or
    date for the match within the coming week, the challenge is
    void and both players may look for new challenges.
  9. Challenges are on a round by round basis when playing
    recreational. Additional rules can be made during casual play,
    provided that the rules are agreed to prior to the beginning of
    the round by all participants.
  10. When a challenge via telephone, verbally, or e-mail has been
    accepted, neither player can participate in another challenge
    until the agreed upon match has taken place.
  11. When you play in the Lumberton monthly at Luther Britt
    Park, you automatically have a mandatory group challenge
    with all LDGA Bag Tag holders at the tournament. This
    challenge does not have to be publicly announced or agreed
    upon before the start of the round, as it is automatic.
  12. During the Lumberton Monthly at Luther Britt Park, the
    final tag order will be determined by the two round total
    scores. In the event of a tie, the tied player with the lowest
    Bag Tag before the tournament will receive the lowest Bag
    Tag between the tie after the tournament.
  13. If you lose your Bag Tag, you must report it immediately and
    pay $20.00 to replace the missing tag. You will be assigned
    the lowest unassigned Bag Tag.
  14. Rules are subject to change and the LDGA officers will
    decide all disputes. The LDGA reserves the right to revoke
    your Bag Tag at our discretion.
August 29, 2009 @10am
June 20-21, 2009